Welcome to Disability and me, a blog by Iva Strnadová and Julie Loblinzk. We both work in the university sector – Iva is a Professor in the fields of special education and disability studies (in particular, people with intellectual disability) and Julie is an Adjunct Lecturer. She is also a self-advocacy coordinator at Self Advocacy Sydney. We are friends and research partners. In our work together we play to our strengths and support each other. Both of us have disability of different kind. We each have strengths and weaknesses. We have different abilities. And that is what this site is about. We want to focus on the many abilities that people with disability have. We want to show that they can – as anybody else – live full and rich lives. Sometimes that takes extra support. And so this site is not just for people like us but also for our fellow travellers (such as parents, siblings, partners and friends) and all that support us at different stages of our lives (teachers, medical practitioners, social workers, etc.). This site is for anyone who may want a bigger window into the wonderful world we share. Please like us and visit us often.

Iva (left) and Julie